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Justice Scale

ProWebBusiness Work Hours

7:30AM to 5:30PM MST Monday through Friday

10:00AM to 2:00PM MST Saturday


Outside "Work Hours" I will start work on all Work Orders the following day unless it is an emergency, then my rate for after-hours goes to $89 per hour. I will still be checking emails as much as I can “after-hours”. For clients on Priority Website Services (Quarterly Payments providing One-Work-Hour per month) the time  will be deducted from your monthly total but double the time used. (Example: 20 minutes before or after "Work Hours"  is deducted as 40 minutes.)


Note: for Zoom Meetings Missed I am charging $9.95 fee immediately.  I exit Zoom meetings after 15 minutes no-show, to be rescheduled as needed. If I miss the Zoom I will pay my client $9.95. Due to my busy schedule a missed Zoom meeting is a block of time I could have scheduled another client—sometimes missing a paying client.

I am using the Golden Rule on these new policies. Thank you for your understanding.

Ed Hazlett

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