Licensed FAA Part 107 Drone Videography & Photography

Image by Ryan Brisco


  • Weddings

  • Engagement Photos

  • Outdoor Events

  • Birthdays

  • Ceremonies

  • Memoirs



  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • For Sale By Owner

  • Tax Assessment

  • Damage Evidence

  • Insurance Claims



  • Office Buildings

  • Construction

  • Structures

  • Insurance Documentation

  • Damage Assessment

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ProDroneBusiness Rates

PWB Drone Photography is $195–$250 per 90 minute session based on the information provided in the Job Quote which considers travel time, accessibility, FAA Waivers required, and difficulty of task(s).  A shoot longer than 90 minutes adds $79 per additional hour, coordinated ahead of time or real-time if the client is on-site. 

PWB Still-image Photography is $79 per hour (with a 1 hour minimum) plus a travel fee (if appropriate) established as a part of the agreement. PWB equipment includes the Canon 7D with 18MP images in RAW, TIFF, or JPEG format(s).  If requested, image editing to improve the original image(s) is $79 per hour.

PWB Gimbal Stabilized (hand-held) Video is $79 per hour and may be included as a part of the Still-image agreement. 

  • Gimbal stabilization for smooth videos

  • 12MP camera system: Ultra Wide and Wide cameras

  • Ultra Wide: ƒ/2.4 aperture and 120° field of view

Video editing after the drone/photoshoot, to your specifications is $79 per hour--titles, multiple videos combined into one with transitions and animations.

Please fill out the Job Quote form by clicking the Job Quote image or CLICK HERE.  Our response will be within 24 hours excluding Sundays.

Once a quote is accepted, agreements will be sent digitally for approval and signature. A 50% deposit is requested at that time, invoiced via PayPal.

Thanks for considering We look forward to meeting your total expectations.