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5 Star Website Web Design
5 Star Website Design
  • Professional yet Affordable ONE page complete website with all major elements
  • BEST VALUE using Portal Technology*
  • Dynamic Photo Galleries
  • Google Map
  • Feedback Form, YouTube, VIMEO Options
  • Secure: SSL Added NO Charge
  • MOBILE compatible site
  • PayPal eCommerce (Extra Fee)
  • Hosting/Maintenance ONLY $14.95/month
  • Extra monthly fee ($1 per added page)
  • Website Design One-time Fee Only $149
  • See
  • Price Points above are based on the client's website being published with YOUR DOMAIN pointing to YOUR website information that is stored on the ProWebBusiness WIX Account. All changes, updates, modifications, and site element additions/subtractions are made by ProWebBusiness
  • Each month the portal client has 30 minutes of changes as listed above at no charge
  • Additional updates and WIX Expert Website & Mobile Site Design Assistance Rate: $59/hour 
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