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Top 10 Reasons to have a Website

Here are the top reasons you need a website:

1. Website design is an important factor for determining credibility for about 50% of visitors (Blue Corona)

Visitors will almost instantly judge your website and not trust poorly designed or out-of-date websites. When your website is not visually appealing, it will affect the credibility of your business. Presenting your company in a professional and well-designed manner can help you attract more customers and increase sales.


2. Users form an opinion about websites in 0.5 seconds (Sweor)

First impressions as a visitor to a website are very important. Your website needs to look good and function well so your visitor can have a seamless user experience. It also needs to be user-friendly so that visitors can get around easily.

It takes less than a second for a user to make an impression of the company and its brand just from its website. And you want to make positive first impressions with so many things playing a role, such as visual design, navigation, content, speed, and responsiveness.

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